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Professional Learning Community (PLC) Facilitation Guide

This facilitation guide empowers any educational leader to implement a powerful Professional Learning Community (PLC) model that supports math teachers with regularly using formative data to plan instruction. Teachers who have participated in an ASSISTments PLC have reported increased confidence in using data to plan instruction, engaging students in data-based math discussions, and adopting a successful formative assessment routine.

What’s Inside?

The ASSISTments PLC Faciitation Guide will allow anyone who leads math professional development to implement this model both online and in person.

The guide includes:

  • The syllabus (what we call the Arc of Learning)
  • All presenter and participant-facing materials used for each session (slide decks, facilitator notes)
  • Best practices for ensuring a successful PLC of highly engaged participants
  • Formative evaluation instruments you can use to assess the impact of your PLC

Download your free comprehensive ASSISTments Professional Learning Community Facilitation Guide to get started on leading your own PLC. 





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